Thursday, December 16, 2010

Man Sanctifying God?

The exam essay question: "Theologically connect 'The Fall' with the work of spiritual formation."

ANSWER: "The Fall is God's way of restoring himself through man."

Whom lost what?

The exam essay question: "Theologically connect 'The Fall' with the work of spiritual formation."

first sentence of the ANSWER: "The fall was when God lost His perfection."

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Setting the mood early

"By praying ahead of time it gets the Holy Spirit into the sanctuary earlier to begin and set the mood for that Sundays service." --From Worship paper handed in to Constance Cherry (Thankfully not a worship major!)

Friday, April 16, 2010

So, how much did the annual premium cost?

"We did this to insure a good reputation for the church."

Leadership assignment

Knowledgeable country mansion?

"Do your research so you can rpesent your findings in a very educated manor."

TB2A--Teaching tip on panel discussions

Soft fizzy pigs as educational tools?

"Also use flannel boars to get the lesson across."

(Teaching the Bible to Adults teaching tool description)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Which parasite is the worst?

Wuchereria bancrofti, all i had to see was scrotal elephantiasis and I knew this had to be the worst one. just saying. Stop the lifecycle with tons of pestisides to kill mosquitos. no one likes them anyways...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Defiant attitude

Grading an exegesis paper…in a section of a critique of several commentaries:

Although my attention was not kept as well as with the other commentaries, this commentary was very interesting. I would defiantly use it again in future studies.

Consorting with Theological Dictionaries

In an BS paper…in the discussion of Word studies:
After consorting with two theological dictionaries, it was determined that the most likely meaning of the word “fulfill” was...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Naked Truth

Jesus is the one who took all our sins and bared it on his shoulder.

- NT Survey student paper

I wonder why Judas was chosen to be the trader?

- NT Survey student paper

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The "Grammar" Essay on the Preaching Test

I don't think this was meant to be an essay. :-)
(10 points) Grammar, spelling, clarity
Not really sure what you want here, but I’ll take a guess. When it comes to the importance of grammar and spelling it’s important I mean if you are talking to a group of well educated men and women or older folks whose grammar was driven into them, then if you have bad grammar than the person will more than likely dwell on the fact that you just said ain’t and not pay attention for a little while. Good spelling comes in handy for your notes, you don’t want to mean disciple and spell discipline; similar yes, but two totally different meanings. Something like that can ruin an entire point. Clarity is also important for sermons because vague sermons are never easy to deal with; congregations want to have a definitive idea of what is being preached on and they want a conclusion. I know that when my youth pastor at home preaches and he leaves it hanging I feel very frustrated. Clarity could also relate to how you speak or preach, in that case it’s very, very important. It’s important so that the congregation can understand what you are trying to tell them from God, as a minister you have a very important job, there’s no getting around that. Why not speak clearly and with clarity so they can understand what you saying: whether that means working on your speed, working on your annunciation, or whatever it may be.